Rusty Spigot Fellowship

Rusty Spigot Fellowship is based off of the book, "Rusty Spigot, Dirty Water" subtitled "An Introspective Journey for the Offender". We reach individuals with the book and other printed materials. We let the book help those on the inside change from His forgiveness, His mercy, grace and love. We also hold a level expectation for personal responsibility in the process of sanctification.

Psalm 142 "The Prisoner's Psalm" written by David as he was hiding in caves from King Saul.

Who We Are

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) seeking to reach the incarcerated populations through publications illustrating the transformed lives of others through the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Recently published "Rusty Spigot, Dirty Water" subtitled "An Introspective Journey for the Offender". We hope the book gets into the hands of those who need it to help them know the power of Christ. Helping offenders inside with those who have made it and have declared Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Our Vision

We are seeking to minister via written stories, community caring communities and professionals who can help individuals see their life in a different light.

Types Of Activity

Church meetings for released individuals, newsletter production and inside transformation.


Available to travel for speaking engagements.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Quarterly newsletter due out summer 2014!

Books we have published

"Rusty Spigot, Dirty Water" written by Michael Farlin. Pastor Mike was incarcerated at nineteen years of age and spent the next thirteen years behind the fences. After release, he went on with life, became a believer and began serving in the ministry. God then laid upon him the task of telling some of his story with the hope of helping others incarcerated. He didn't want to do it, but he knew God was in it. The book is available at all retail Christian book outlet websites.


About Our Prison Ministry

This ministry is a well rounded approach to ministry including personal responsibility. Pastor Mike has been there and done that. We are not a pen pal service but will receive mail from inmates who would like to share their stories for reprint. Will receive emails from Federal Bureau Inmates who wish to do the same.

Support In

Pray for finances and Stories to come in.


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