Silent Ministries

In 2010 Silent Ministries initiated a program for rural areas called The Infusion Project. The results have been phenomenal. The ministry/agency provides workshops in-house jails and prisons. The ministry specializes in prevention and intervention services and workshops. Jim and Carolyn Harnage, founders, began the ministry to victims and offenders, after 33 years in ministry.

Luke 14:23 - Go into the hedges and compel them to come in...

Who We Are

A free newsletter, prayer network, pen pal, and research ministry to batterred, abused, elderly, and incarcerated.

Our Vision

To field a ministry to battered women and children and offer haven, housing.

Types Of Activity

Sponsor and conduct workshops on domestic violence, abuse, child support, employment, and other issues.


Pen Pal ministry, Lowndes Couonty and other areas.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Weekly and monthly at no charge.

Books we have published

The Thing About Abuse, America Call 911, Physician Heal Thyself;Principles For The Christian Professional, Echols County, Georgia, The Child Support Handbook and Christian Consumer Manual, The Infusion Project; Intervention for at-Risk Youth, God's Last Name Is not Damn. Can be ordered at mailing address or from

Support In

Finances and open doors.


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