Prison Ministry Services

A prison outreach that sends Bibles Bible Studies, Daily Devotionals and more to Inmates Worldwide. But we are more than just a prison ministry alone.

Proverbs 3: 5&6 - Trust in the Lord...

Who We Are

We Provide our services to Inmates and others seeking a close or closer relationship with God.

Our Vision

We know that a Bible in the hands of an inmate can and will change their lives forever. We want to make that happen so they never again enter into the Correctional system. And we want to help them upon release to stay free on the outside.

Types Of Activity

Weddings; Funerals; Baptism; Bible Study Groups and much more.
Bibles sent to anyone Worldwide.

Christmas Cards to Inmates and Members of the Military. Anyone in a hospital of nursing home.


Mexico, Canada, India, Nepal, Africa, and anywhere we receive a request from.

About Our Prison Ministry

In the past this ministry has sent Bibles to inmates in almost every State in the USA as well as to inmates in countries around the world . We will send to any inmate in any prison.

Our services are available to members of the Armed Services as well. Visit our website for more information.

Support In

Pray for the safety of those incarcerated and those who are in the military.


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