Community Bible Chapel

Community Bible Chapelprovides eight different Bible correspondence courses for prisoners who want a thorough knowledge of the Word of God. These studies require more thought, study, prayer, and searching of the Scriptures than many which are merely multiple choice or true-false answer studies. We provide a stamped-self addressed envelope for those who are unable to pay the postage themselves.

John 10:10 - The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.

Who We Are

Community Bible Chapel provides eight different Bible correspondence courses for prisoners in any local, state, or federal prison. The courses are considered by most to be advanced when compared with many of the other courses offered which are simply multiple choice or true/false tests. All but three of the courses were authored by our Pastor who served as President of American School of the Bible in North Carolina.

Our Vision

It is our desire to continue offering these courses to all who are incarcerated and desire to learn more about the Bible and the only way of salvation, and that through Jesus Christ. It is our desire to help both those who are new to Bible study and those who are advanced in their knowledge of the Word of God.

Types Of Activity

We provide Bible correspondence courses only. We do not have a pen pal service, nor can we provide Bibles, books, dictionaries, etc.


Our Bible correspondence courses are currently being taken by inmates in a number of different prisons in forty-seven different states.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Community Bible Chapel publishes the Reminder and a copy is mailed along with every corrected lesson. For as our Pastor says, we believe our students are a vital part of our extended congregation and thus, we share the news of the Chapel with them.

Books we have published

Our Pastor is a prolific author and we have published a number of his books including Preaching Through Revelation (Volume I), The Signs of His Coming, A Verse-by-Verse Commentary of Matthew 24, Through the Bible (Old and New Testaments) (an overview of the entire 66 books of the Bible and many others), the Shepherd's Song (an in-depth review of the twenty-third Psalm) as well as a number of others..

About Our Prison Ministry

Community Bible Chapel celebrated her the second Sunday of July, 2008, exactly one week after our Pastor celebrates his fifty-fifth anniversary in the ministry. Today our weekly radio ministry is heard literally around the on individual radio stations as well as on the internet, Universal Christian Radio.

Support In

We invite all those of like Christian faith to pray that God continues to bless this, and the many other arms of our outreach as we seek to faithfully fulfill our Lord's Great Commission. In addition to the regular church services, we also provide a Mission Home for missionaries home on furlough and a Hospice House for the terminally ill.


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