Crossroad Bible Institute

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Crossroad Bible Institute equips the church to disciple people in prison with the Word of God, free of charge, wherever they are incarcerated. It is a personal, in-depth and long-term program that is uniquely designed to help people grow dramatically in a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, preparing them for successful reentry upon release.

Hebrews 13:3 - "Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering."

Who We Are

We provide a series of faith-based courses to people in prison. Each lesson that a student completes is corrected by a trained CBI Instructor who mails the lesson back to the student with a personal letter of discipleship and encouragement. This year we have over 40,000 students completing Bible study lessons and about 5,000 trained men and women serving as Instructors.

Our Vision

Our goal is to reach those in prison with the truth of God's Word and the love of God's people, not only changing their lives while incarcerated, but also preparing them for release.


We reach incarcerated persons in North America and beyond.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We distribute a bi-monthly publication to our constituency titled Crossroad Network News. CNN features articles by Dr. David Schuringa and Rev. David Feddes, as well as other stories, news, and updates. We also distribute a 16-page journal titled Crossroad Connection Journal. CCJ is a publication of student poetry and artwork. It is sent to every student as well as our entire constituency.

Support In

There are literally thousands and thousands of more students who want to take our courses. However, we can only take on students in proportion to the number of Instructors we can get. So we need volunteers to become Instructors, as well as the financial resources to recruit, train and support our Instructors.


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