Certification For The Incarceration

Certification for the Incarceration is designed to help transitions ex-offenders back into society first, with establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ, and second to provide on-line resources to gain a college degree or certification for employment

Jeremiah 29:11 - God has a plan for you, even if your an ex-offender. Live your life-long dream and open your own business or get an -on-line degree. Jeremiah 29: wants to happen f…

Who We Are

A Michigan nonprofit organization guiding ex-offenders to break the unseen shackles through the spiritual disciplines of the Biblical Holiness message and to stay connected by leading ex-offenders to an employment career.

Our Vision

To help stop the revolving doors of incarceration for ex-offenders and to restore lives & rebuild hope to those who are forgotten. CFTI.jobs first encourages their participants to receive Christ as their Savior, and then to guide them to on-line resources which will ultimately get the ex-offender a college degree or certification from Microsoft. CFTI.jobs vision is to expand its job resource page by creating the nations first job-board for ex-offenders called "NightCrawler".

Types Of Activity

Cfti.jobs has many on-line benefits and resources for ex-offenders to gain successfulness back into society. CFTI.jobs guides ex-offenders with many useful tools needed in today's tight job market.


There is no limitations of coverage because it is done through he World Wide Web.


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