Doors of Compassion Ministries

We don't believe or agree with the mentality of "Lock them up and throw away the keys." Instead, we offer inmates "The keys of the Kingdom of Heaven" just as Jesus promised to give and stated in Matthew 16:19. This is achieved through ministering to them in chapel services as well as establishing our accredited Bible College inside prisons.
We provide these men and women with the keys for spiritual living that equips them with the hope they have been seeking.

Revelation 12:11 - We all have a testimony in which we have overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and share the word of our testimony.

Who We Are

In addition to conducting chapel services and one-on-one clergy visits in jails and prisons, we also establish an accredited Bible College within prisons for free. At present time we have 101 programs established in 62 facilities within 11 states, along with a combined 52 programs in Uganda & Rwanda, Africa and Puerto Rico. Since the year 2000, over 1,000 inmates have graduated from our Bible College.

Our Vision

Introduce inmates to Jesus Christ and present them with God's Word by teaching, equipping, and discipling them through the studies provided, using the courses and curriculum in our Bible College.
Our goal is to establish this college within the prisons in all 50 states in addition to other countries worldwide.

Types Of Activity

Ministering in chapel services as well as one-on-one visits. Establish of an accredited Bible College that provides the opportunity to earn 64 college credits, free of charge.


Minister in jails and prisons in Oklahoma. Have Bible College established in the prisons and re-entry programs located in: Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Florida. Internationally we have established our college within prisons in Uganda and Rwanda, Africa and Puerto Rico.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We provide a monthly newsletter upon request, which provides a lesson and our ministry activity and campaign updates.

Books we have published

Six Feet Deep...Burying Your Past with Forgiveness.

Support In

We seek continued financial donations to cover our travel expenses and the expenses for our Bible College materials that we provide to the inmates/prisons.


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