Deaf Prison Ministries Network

Deaf Prison Ministries Network is organization that desires to be a central point of contact between hearing prison ministries, correctional institutions, criminal justice departments, local churches and existing deaf prison ministries to more effectively reach out to the deaf affected by crime. This is not limited to deaf inmates, but includes deaf ex-cons, deaf people who have family members that are incarcerated or Deaf people who are victims of criminal activity.

Isaiah 29:18a - In that day, the Deaf shall hear the words of the Book.

Who We Are

Deaf Prison Ministries Network was formed with the support of Christian Deaf Fellowship and Prison Fellowship International to act as a national point of contact for Deaf Prison Ministries. There is an estimated 20,000 Deaf people in prison with little or no interaction with the correctional staff and outside world because of communication barriers. For more information, visit our website.

Our Vision

Deaf Prison Ministries Network's mission is to meet the needs of deaf people who are directly or indirectly affected by crime, including organizations in the restorative process, according to Christian principles.

Types Of Activity

Deaf Prison Ministries Network has 3 main activities: Networking among a variety of organizations to promote and meet the needs of deaf people affected by crime, developing materials for the purpose of promoting and educating organizations so they can become better equipped to meet the needs of Deaf people affected by crime and ministering to the deaf affected by crime to meet their personal, emotional, spiritual and physical needs where legally appropriate.


Deaf Prison Ministries Network is a national point of contact organization that helps to link deaf people with a local prison ministries in their area that is qualified to work with the Deaf. If there are no local prison ministries in the area, then Deaf Prison Ministries Network will help an existing prison ministry or a local Deaf church to become qualified.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Deaf Prison Ministries Network publishes a newsletter every quarter during the month of February, May, August and November every year. Subscription is free and can be requested by signing up on our web site.

About Our Prison Ministry

Deaf Prison Ministries Network hosts an annual conference every year on Thursday threw Saturday following Labor Day. Our web site has more information about our conferences.

Support In

Deaf Prison Ministries Network needs your prayers to help us identify all the deaf who are currently incarcerated. This task is not as easy as it sounds because every prison system has a different method of identifying their deaf inmates.


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