Flickering Lights Missions Ministries

FLMM is a ministry of hope to create opportunities to fund the families of inmates. Offering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the families and inmates through Greeting Cards and other relational art.

It will also fund the building of a church in Mityana, Uganda, East Africa to assist the needy, help with malaria outbreaks, Measles and other diseases by furnishing their community with a church that has proper bathroom facilities, clean drinking water and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mark 11:22-24 Have Faith In God.....and we can speak to the mountains, if we believe in our hearts, we can have whatsoever we sayeth.

Who We Are

We are JoySees Designer Greeting Cards, Flickering Lights Missions Ministries, we are helping to build a church in Mityana, Uganda. I sell poems and cards at my website.

Our Vision

Our vision and goals are to build a church in Uganda. To be able to offer prisoners the opportunity to have their artwork put on greeting cards to be sponsored by Prison Ministries using the inmates art to raise funding for the inmates needs and families.

Types Of Activity

Designing and producing Greeting Cards. Building a church in Mityana, Uganda with digging water wells, septic tank needs and to help decrease malaria and diseases with better hygiene facilities.
They now meet in a tin barn building which leaks, no water or bathroom facilities for Church and Sunday School.


Harrah, OK with greeting cards. Will be visiting Lawton, OK Office of Correction this next Friday for visitation rights to see a friends grandson.

Books we have published

Poetry, Greeting Cards by Joyce Day Guy.

About Our Prison Ministry

Achievements: Bible College Honor Grad in 1982, Ordained in 1987. Unwed Mothers Home 1987. Worked at Jimmy Swaggarts ministry1987. House of Hope for Runaway girls as last chance prior to prison. Womens Prison in McAllister in 1994. Board of Directors at Last Chance Ranch Prison Ministry in 1982. Offering Greeting Cards using prisoners art to aid them for funding families using Prison Ministry Sponsorships.

Support In

Pray for 600 Partnerships or Sponsorships for $15 a month for 12 months each. This will open the doors for Prisoners to have their art work put on Greeting Cards at JoySees Designer Greeting Cards. It will also build a Cement Brick Church in Uganda, dig water wells and install septic tanks there.
It will Provide us with International abilities to fund cards all over the World to prisoners everywhere.


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