Good News Jail and Prison Ministry Tanzania

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is registered in Tanzania to provide spiritual and physical care for prisoners in Tanzania, started in 2015. it cooperates with various churches to fulfill the great command of Jesus Christ .

MATTHEW 25:34-40
I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after m…

Who We Are

Since 2015, Good News Jail and Prison Ministry Tanzania exists, to take the gospel of Jesus behind the prisons, so that the prisoners can change from their sins. Believing that everyone is created in God's image, that image cannot be erased because a crime was committed. The damaged image of God in the prisoners is waiting to hear about a loving God strong enough to set them free.

Our Vision

The main vision of the ministry is to reach those who are lost and isolated from society and help them to know God, to find salvation
and live a godly life.

Types Of Activity

Preparing Christians to do ministry in Prisons, Preaching, teaching and providing discipleship training for prisoners to help them grow to be like Christ, Helping the families of prisoners, and helping ex-inmates to grow in relationships with God and providing humanitarian aid to prisoners, their families and ex-prisoners living in a difficult environment.


We serve all prisons in Tanzania in collaboration with pastors from various churches in Tanzania. Tanzania has 126 prisons, we need your prayers and your help to reach all the prisons and pray God to bring workers to His farm. (Luke 10:2)

About Our Prison Ministry

1. Weekly visit to prisons in Tanzania.
2. To receive ex-prisoners coming out of prison.
3. Listening and giving advice to those in prison and ex-prisoners.
4. Connecting ex-prisoners with ex-prisoners and ex-prisoners association with other suitable people for support and assistance. Organizing ex-prisoner associations; date, time.

Support In

1. Pray for our missions for the various prisons in Tanzania, victims of crime, prisoners, guards, special friends, the justice system, etc.
2. For the provision of work / counseling / training for those released from prison.
3. Many people will be willing to provide Counseling services to those released from prison.
4. Pray for resources for our ministry so we can reach more prisons.
5.. Pray that the Lord will touch many to come and serve the Lord in this service in various ways


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