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Glory of His Cross is a ministry dedicated to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. This ministry has two arms. One arm is a prophetic ministry to the Body of Christ (I Cor.12:27-28 & Eph.4:11) aimed at rightly interpreting the Word of God and thus exposing the false doctrines, giving prophetic messages to the churches and warning His people (Ch.2-3 of Rev). The other is an evangelical ministry presenting Christ to the lost souls.

Gal.6:14 - God forbid that I glory except in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Who We Are

It is a prophetic ministry to the Body of Christ, laying special emphasis on the message of the Cross that has been relegated to the background in the churches and exposing false doctrines that strike at the very foundation of Christian faith.

Our Vision

This kind of ministry is needed in every nation so that the lost souls in the prisons can be reached with the gospel of Christ. Jesus taught us to visit those who are in prisons.


We encourage those who do this ministry in all possible means.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We publish email devotions daily to about 2300 people on our list.

Books we have published

We have published three books i.e. the Voice of My beloved, Redemptive Names of God and Prophecy.

Support In

Please pray for God to raise up many prison ministries in India. In Delhi, the Central Jail in Tihar houses about five thousands of convicts, and undertrials. Some of my friends are visiting this jail and minister to the inmates. We need your prayers of intercession.


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