Texas HOPE Literacy

The mission of Texas HOPE Literacy is to transform offenders through peer literacy education within a Christian framework in order for them to successfully re-enter society as productive and contributing members of their community. Since its inception, HOPE has helped thousands of offenders, improve their academic levels and earn their GED; Earned Achievement scores increased 3-6 grade levels. HOPE loves them like they are…where they are…and guides them to excellence.

Isaiah 54:17 - No weapon formed against thee shall prosper.

Who We Are

Since 1997, HOPE has been training offender peer educators to tutor their functionally illiterate peers. Many have undiagnosed learning disabilities. HOPE awards: 2000 Governor's Religious Volunteer; 2001 Dallas Reads Champion Educator; 2005 National Crime Prevention Council; 2005 Governor's "Most Innovative Program; 2006 Governor's Community Capacity Builder Award, recommended by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Our Vision

In 2005, HOPE was selected by the National Crime Prevention Council as one of 50 faith-based programs in the U.S. that collaborates with Criminal Justice Agencies. HOPE offenders learn to be responsible leaders and role models. Its structured models guide them to faith in Christ and changed lives.

Types Of Activity

Events are targeted towards specific inmate needs. Through capacity building HOPE is able to offer a variety of holistic programs:
1. HOPE 4 The People musical group and steppers in concert;
2. HOPE 4 The Children
3. Crocheting HOPE


Dawson State Jail, Dallas, TX; Crain Unit - Trusty Camp, Gatesville, TX; Crain Unit - Valley, Gatesville, TX

Books we have published

Literacy Inventory Record: Informal assessment to determine student placement. $325.00
HOPE Community Model: TBA
HOPE Classroom Model: TBA

About Our Prison Ministry

3 prison models:
1. HOPE Chapel or Classroom Model: Peer Educators work a full time day job.
2. HOPE Community model: 2005 Texas Governor’s Award…Most Innovative Program - Dorm setting with two structured environments that contain leadership positions. Offenders complete job application, are interviewed and trained for the positions.
3. After-hours Classroom model: Offenders tutor in the evenings after working a full time prison job.

Support In

Pray that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, and that territory will be claimed for Christ, for the expansion of HOPE into other prisons.


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