Heart Sower Ministries

In Orange County CA, an author of books and Bible studies. Books can be purchased by anyone from Amazon, but are given free to inmates. Heart Sower Ministries began in 2013 in Co. Springs Inmates can write in for a free book, while Heart Sower does supply and send books to chaplins that have also written in and established that relationship with the ministry.

That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death. - Phil. 3:10

Who We Are

Linda has written books in which she sends to inmates free. First Book is called "The Father Loves." Also sends bible studies free to inmates. Discipleship is invaluable. Teaching on meditating on the Scriptures, to make God's Word come alive in their hearts. Worship leader and teacher. Songwriter with utube videos on her music. Worship music avail on itunes, in english and in spanish.

Our Vision

Sowing the seeds of God's Words into hearts, with the goal of bringing intimacy between the Father and his children.

Types Of Activity

Sends books and bible studies to chaplains to hand out to prisoners. Also corresponds with inmates sending the same in the mail. Teaches God's Word on Worship, Meditating the Word, Intimacy with God. Leads soaking Worship, which is not just a set list, but leading people into his presence to learn the importance of intimacy with the Father.


Sends books and studies to chaplains in Youngstown Ohio, North Carolina, Burnett TX, CA, Co Springs CO

Books we have published

The Father Loves, How to Meditate on the Living Word (Series includes 6 bks), I Am Free, I Am Loved, I Am Blessed, I Am Healed, I'm In Christ
A Worshipper's Heart. All authored by Linda Patarello

Support In

Donations for purchasing and sending more books. More chaplains to send books to hand out to inmates.


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