Journey to Freedom Foundation, Inc.

Journey to Freedom Foundation was formed to assist those who minister to people in jails, prisons, rehabilitation centers, and various recovery programs through the free distribution of the book "Journey to Freedom: 30 Days to Forgiveness and Hope" by Dr. Rich Dorst, Pastor and author. With God's blessings the book will motivate those individuals to transform their attitudes, choices and behavior by drawing them closer to the ultimate source of true forgiveness and hope, Christ our Savior.

Isaiah: 42: 6 - I am the LORD, I have called you in righteousness, .... to bring out the prisoners from the dungeon, from the prison those who sit in darkness.

Who We Are

We are dedicated to distributing free copies of the 128 page book "Journey to Freedom: 30 Days to Forgiveness and Hope", by Dr. Rich Dorst, Pastor, to those in jails, prisons and various recovery programs. Over 6,000 books have been distributed since the foundation was formed in January, 2011. The book includes a daily inspirational story, an action step for the reader, encouragement from God's Word in a Bible verse, and a suggested prayer.

Our Vision

The vision of this ministry is to help individuals who feel isolated and defeated find that there is forgiveness and hope in a relationship with Jesus Christ and to discover the wonderful healing love of God in helping them find their lives transformed. Our goal is to distribute 16,500 books by the end of 2011 as we continue to develop relationships with prison chaplains and directors of recovery programs.

Types Of Activity

Book distribution through jails, prisons, Salvation Army recovery programs, missions and other groups serving the least and sometimes forgotten among us.


The books are being currently being distributed through chaplains, recovery group leaders and missions in California, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.

Our magazine (newsletter)

The "Journey to Freedom" book is now available. A follow up book is planned for later in the year and the current edition is being translated into Spanish.

Books we have published

"Journey to Freedom: 30 Days to Forgiveness and Hope". 128 Pages. Free, no postage.

About Our Prison Ministry

The Foundation is supported by donors who want to make a difference in the lives of other people by making the book of forgiveness and hope available free of charge. The foundation can purchase books for $2, which includes mailing costs, thanks to the generosity of donors. A $10 donation funds 5 books, a $100 donation funds 50 books. a $1,000 donation funds 500 books.

Support In

To open the hearts and minds of those who receive the book so that they accept the Word of God and learn to make positive changes in their lives. For support for the foundation to distribute 16,500 books this year.


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