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I encourage those less fortunate who are in prison. God has burdened my heart to do this. He is the "fix" for all that's wrong in their lives. We all just need to realize it and give over to it. There is none of us that is perfect and infallible. God knows this and loves us all anyways. We need to accept that love and become servants to the Lord. He will always take care of us. He will always provide. He loves us all very much.

Philippians 4: 13 NIV - I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.

Who We Are

I am an Encourager. I have written a book, "God is my 'Fix'", which I hope will encourage others that God is the only answer. I have MS and I have found He is the answer to all my needs. I want to help others find the truth for their lives.

Our Vision

I want to bring others to Christ. I want to help others realize that we must remain humble in order to do our best work for the Lord. We have to start now. We cannot assume there will be a tomorrow. We must show our love and praise to God for all He has given to us.

Types Of Activity

I send letters of encouragement and helpful scriptures to those that feel they need it for their growth in Christ or just to be closer to God.


I will minister all over the country and wherever God's word is needed. We all are commanded to be fishers of men to the end of the earth. Why stop right here where we are?

Our magazine (newsletter)

I have a blog on my website in the news section. I write frequently in there about what burdens my heart. I have at this point is my book shown. God has burdened my heart to get this book out to the world.

Books we have published

God is my "Fix", published September 2004 by PublishAmerica. Can be obtained at the websites for publishamerica, amazon, barnes and noble, borders, walden books by entering the name of the book in their search fields, and following the ordering instructions once there. Thank you for purchasing this book. I hope that the need you're feeling is satisfied.

About Our Prison Ministry

It is just me and God in my ministry. He is working through me; He enables me to do what I do. I have MS and I am not able to "walk" this ministry to the jails and prisons, but I use the Internet to spread the gospel to all who search for it there. I love to talk about what God has done for me through the blessing of MS. I will not disappoint Him.

Support In

I only ask for prayers for this ministry. God will provide the rest. Thank you.


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