Karlton Harris Prison Ministry

Habakkuk 2: 2 - And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

Our Vision

The vision of Karlton Harris Prison Ministry is to go back in to the prisons and help those that are incarcerated or those who have been recently released, so that they'll know what steps they'll need to take in order to remain free and to become productive citizens in society. Our main goal is to help reduce the recidivism rate all over the United States by transforming lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Types Of Activity

In Karlton Harris Prison Ministry, Karlton does motivational speaking and teaches classes in prisons; He has also been the keynote speaker for Good News Jail & Prison Ministry in Virgina. He has also been a facilitator for Prison Fellowship's Out4Life Atlanta Conference. Karlton is also a speaker and teacher for Mike Barber Ministries in Texas.


Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Texas, Georgia, & Virgina (men & women facilities) and we're looking to expand to all 50 states.

Our magazine (newsletter)

I have 2 book, I'm Free! Now What? a 10 step prisoner guide to reduce recidivism. My new book scheduled to be released soon is entitled, "No Test! No Testimony!" both are $19.95. Bulk discount orders available.

Books we have published

Karlton's first book is entitled "I'm Free! Now What? A 10-step Prisoner Guide to Reduce Recidivism". This book gives 10 steps that Karlton has experienced since his release, and have helped him to remain free. This book is currently being used as a reentry curriculum in federal institutions, churches, and state facilities. This book is also a national award winner. Karlton's new book No Test, No Testimony is scheduled to be released soon.

Support In

We are requesting prayer for our ministry so that God will continue to open doors so that we may help all of the men and women that are in prison, children whose parents are incarcerated, and our nation as a whole. We want to be able to provide all the resources needed for ex-offenders so that their transition back into society will be an uplifting one and a battle that can be easily won.


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