Living Hope Ministries Int'l Prison Outreach

Be born again to a living hope. - 1 Peter 1:3

Who We Are

We serve our friends and neighbors who identify in some way with Christianity (in whole or in part) but for some reason don't want to go to church or be religious.

It's estimated that (a) 8 out of 10 of new Christians don't go to church; and (b) the majority of those will refuse invitations to go to church.

We call them the dissed because most tend to feel disrespected, disparaged or disenfranchised. Sadly, many of these folks are incarcerated.

Our Vision

We are developing free on-line prison outreach courses to help prison chaplaincy workers (a) better understand some of the unique outlooks of the dissed, (b) connect better with the dissed and (c) better meet the spiritual needs of the dissed.

Types Of Activity

Our Bible School offers free online Bible courses, devotionals and study aids tailored to the unique outlook of our dissed friends and neighbors.


We are based out of Los Angeles County, CA, USA. We are praying about expanding into or moving to Florida where our founder was born and raised.

Books we have published

From Prison to Pardon, by brother Steven Silvers. Free.


Support In

Please pray that we faithfully do the Lord's will, in His way, in His time, to the glory and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Son of the living God.


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