Prison Broadcasting Network

Prison Broadcasting Network, Cape Town, South Africa. Reaching the lost in prison through prison radio broadcasting and training inmates as the radio broadcasters. The other Prison Broadcasting Network in Arkansas is a fraud and they have stolen our old website, vision, text, pictures and the like. Have nothing to do with them!

Galatians 5:14 - Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Who We Are

We are the legitimate Prison Broadcasting Network, Cape Town, South Africa. Established in August 1999 and a registered non-profit organisation. We have no affiliation to the Prison Broadcasting Network in Arkansas and they have stolen the older version of our website, vision, pictures, text and the like - even parading some of our pictures showing our guests, volunteers, etc as their own. Have nothing to do with them.

Our Vision

It is our passion to contribute significantly to the crucial role of regenerating moral values in the lives of offenders by drawing them to Christ utilising radio and other mediums in a positive and meaningful manner. We also establish platforms for skills development through our radio broadcasting courses which also include personal ministry and counselling for the participants. We hope with time to establish Christian prison radio stations globally.

Types Of Activity

Prison Radio Broadcasting and a vision to start prison television. We also train the inmates as the radio broadcasters which contributes to building their confidence; teaches them better reading and writing skills; and gives them a voice to discuss their concerns, needs and challenges. Family dedications and dedications between inmates is also very popular as it shows them that someone cares about them.


We currently reach 7,000 inmates in Pollsmoor Prison, Cape Town, South Africa and soon to be on internet broadcasting where we could be reached worldwide!

Our magazine (newsletter)

Newsletters are sent out bi-monthly via email. Please send us your details should you wish to receive our news.

Support In

All our prayer needs can be found on our website and more recent prayer requests are made through our newsletters.


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