Prison Congregations of America

Prison Congregations of America is an organization dedicated to establishing mainline congregations in the prison systems of every state in the U.S. The PCA model emphasizes the partnering of prison congregations with outside and established mainline congregations to give prison ministry and mission opportunities to those congregations as they emotionally and spiritually support the prison congregations.

Matthew 25:36 - I was in prison and you came to visit me.

Who We Are

Prison Congregations of America, Inc., established in 1994, is an organization dedicated to establishing mainline congregations in the prison systems of every state in the United States. Mary Mortenson became Executive Director in January 2009 when Pastor Ed retired. The PCA model has been used to begin congregations in Maryland, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Washington, Minnesota, Kentucky, Michigan and South Dakota.

Our Vision

The PCA model provides an opportunity for Christian congregations outside the prisons to visit the imprisoned, as directed by Jesus in Matthew 25, and help create a bridge of emotional and spiritual support for the inmate congregation, allowing them to experience membership in a large community of faith. The model also gives ownership and responsibility to the imates, creating personal growth in leadership and cooperation. The model also creates a natural bridge to reentry support.

Types Of Activity

Organize task force groups in each state to begin the creation of a PCA model prison congregation in the prison or prisons of their individual state. Support existing PCA congregations. Assist partnering congregations in their prison ministry development, including training in the PCA model, and training on the re-entry model and after-care. Supporting Christian art in the prisons by sponsoring an annual inmate art contest.


Current PCA congregations: Pierre, SD; Ft. Dodge, IA; Baltimore, Maryland; Sioux Falls, SD; Lincoln, Nebraska; Aurora, Colorado; Appleton, Minnesota; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Springfield, South Dakota; Shelton, Washington; West Des Moines, Iowa, LaGrange, Kentucky, and Ionia, Michigan. PCA is currently at work developing prison congregation ministries in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Montana.

Our magazine (newsletter)

PCA sends out a free newsletter quarterly. The newsletter is generally four to eight pages. The newsletter is sent to all PCA partners: individuals, congregations, and organizations.


About Our Prison Ministry

PCA's special emphasis is on the use of the PCA model which creates not only prison congregations, but a partnership with congregations outside the prison which involves members of these mainline churches in visiting, volunteering, and providing transition companionship to inmates. This partnership also places responsibility upon the inmate congregations to worship, study, and become involved in mission projects like any congregation.

Support In

Continuing support for the work of Prison Congregations of America as it continues to create partnerships between churches outside and inside the state prison systems.


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