Prisoner's Justice Mercy & Reconciliation Mission

Prisoner's Justice Mercy & Reconciliation Mission (PJMRM) is a faith based Non Gorvermental Organization. Specialise in the area of Women related issue in the Prison, Rehabilitation, Reconciliation & Re-integration of ex- offender into the body of Christ and the main stream of the society. We have produced pastors and missionary. Established in 1999.

Ps102;19-20 -From the heaven did the Lord behold the earth; To hear the groaning of the prisoner, to loose those that are appointed to death.

Who We Are

A non-profit Christian Organization/private practice solely committed to the Rehabilitation and Re-integration of ex- offenders into the mainstream of the body of Christ and the society. We have successfully reconciled a rejected notorious Ex-offender with his entire community.3Reconciliation of broken homes. Reconciliation of friends as a result of the act of the accused in a capital offense. Graduation of over sixty ex-inmates who have passed through our home, established in 1999.

Types Of Activity

Outreach, Bible teaching/ Research/ Career Counseling/Adult literacy education/ After-care for rehabilitation/ Reconciliation and investigation of any cases of injustice.


Agodi prison in Ibadan, Oyo prison in Oyo State, Akure prison Ondo. Ile-ife prison, Ilesha prison in Osun State, Oko prison, Benin, Warri Owwerri and Port-Harcourt Prisons. By the grace of God there is an open door to minister in three prisons in Ganah our representative in Ganah is Apostle James Sarwe we shall preach to over 2500 inmates.

Our magazine (newsletter)

"Prisoners' Justice Defender", journal", 3 times in a year, 4 pages, free.

About Our Prison Ministry

Director general, Social Welfare dept, Oyo State Secretariat, Ibadan. NIG Ministry of Justice,s tate secretariat, Ibadan. Mission House for all Nations.

Support In

Successful outreach in Akure prison. Freedom from financial bondage, freedom from the spirit of manipulation, computers, bible / Christian literature and support for adult literacy education, and finances to execute many ideas and programes that can benefit the prisoners in Nigeria.


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