Prison Letters

Prison Letters is a non-profit organization that reaches those inside prison through correspondence. We believe that by writing a letter of encouragement we will be sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others.

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

Prison Letters has been operational since 1990. We are a correspondence Ministry and have a newsletter which we send to all who request it. We take stories, poems, testimonies and artwork from inmates to compile our newsletter and also put the inmates work in tract form. We also give Hope through Jesus Christ to those incarcerated and their families.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ reach each inmate. When incarcerated you need the connection to the outside world and through letters and liturature we build a bridge between the free world and the inmate.

We also are looking to a brighter future where we can reach more inmates with a card, letter and a smile.

Types Of Activity

We have volunteers who faithfully write to inmates. We send cards on special occasions and also send to the families of those on Death Row and Lifers a small gift. Artwork that we obtain from inmates goes to make keychains, plaques and is sent to family members.


We Minister in jails and prisons only through correspondence except in special cases.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Our Newsletter is free. We do accept donations of stamps, paper and monetary to help with the distribution. Our Newsletter goes out 4 times a year and consists of 4-5 pages. It consists of articles, artwork, information lists, questions & answers, poetry and a devotional. Most done by inmates themselves.

Books we have published

We are in the process of putting our first Poetry Book together. Any inmate can send poetry to be used in this book. We accept only poems that will uplift or tell of life in prison. We base everything we do on the Word of God.

About Our Prison Ministry

PUIP - Prisoners United In Prayer. This is different groups of inmates who pray for others and just started about 2 years ago. At present there are about 300 inmates registered TRACTS - We also do our own Gospel tracts which are compiled by the inmate

Support In

We need volunteers who are willing to write to inmates on a regular basis. We also are in need of much Prayer. We are held back at times due to lack of stamps, paper and ink. We are a non profit organization that will send a tax-receipt to all who make a monetary donation.


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