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Did you know that the heart can take you to places our feet can not travel? We are looking for volunteers to become pen-pals to many of our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated in our prison systems. People who are willing to provide Christian friendship and encouragement to those behind bars who need a prayer, a compassionate heart, a listening ear, an encouraging word. The Hispanic community is growing rapidly and we desperately need volunteers who can read and write in Spanish.

James 2:17 - Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

Who We Are

A ministry dedicated to the least, the lost, and the lonely. A ministry dedicated to all incarcerated brothers and sisters and their families.

Our Vision

We seek to assist all men and women who wish to turn their lives around and start walking a path of Faith in Christ Jesus. It is out hope to open a Transitional house for those inmates being released. We will be able to assist in finding them employment, housing, and needed programs to assure a success rate and reentry into their communities. We will have an adult literacy program to assist people in learning to read, write, and apply for employment.

Types Of Activity

Pen-pal ministry, love wraps for the homeless, audio teachings to assist chaplains in weekly teachings at local prisons, available bible studies, rapid deployment kits for our soldiers, counseling for those entering the prison system or their families


Primarily the state of Massachusetts, but also found in Texas, Illinois, N. Carolina, and Florida.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Being unable to keep up with the demands of producing an ongoing newsletter, we have been blessed with a wonderful magazine that is put out by the United Church of God entitled, The Good News Magazine. It is a wonderful publication with all sorts of wonderful Christian articles that are encouraging and lots of new things to learn.

Support In

That we, with the Lord's help, might continue to be self supportive and continue to strive and thrive.


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