Restoring Broken Walls Prison Ministry

Prison is one of the rich harvest fields that Jesus talked about, filled with real men like you and me that are looking for real life. It is a privilege to enter into God's work among these men and to see Jesus save and transform lives. Restoring Broken Walls provides how to start a vibrant, low cost prison ministry. Inspirational classroom biblical instruction materials involving real life issues have been developed and are provided at affordable prices. Our webpage will get you started.

Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." Mat…

Who We Are

We teach on 12 biblical topics that affect our personal lives in how we view life and act. Classes focus on areas such as anger, family, addictions, work, identity, the grace of God, bringing others to Christ, restoring the broken walls of your life, sexual sins, why Jesus came, etc. We typically have over 100 prisoners in classes each week. About 8 to 12 volunteers participate, but we have raised up a 24 member prisoner team who lead all teaching.

Our Vision

Our vision is four fold: First is to transform the lives of men through a renewing of their thinking through the word of God and the Spirit of God. Secondly, it is to raise up godly leaders among the prison population. Thirdly, it is to instill the trust and unity of a loving and growing community of Christians within prison. And fourthly, it is to raise these men up to maturity so that they advance the Kingdom of God wherever they go, whether in prison or family or the community they return to.

Types Of Activity

Our activity is primarily classroom teaching. Every prisoner receives his personal copy of a published book to study before class. The teaching format is primarily through open ended questions where main points are explored through all students. We leave 30 minutes for each class to discuss introspective questions from the book in small groups. Classes are very personal, loving and accepting. Trust is developed and prisoners gain a true experience of the body of Christ.


This ministry began twelve years ago at the Saginaw Regional Correctional Facility (SRF) in Freeland, Michigan. At SRF we offer classes in Level II and IV. It is expanding to Central Michigan Correctional Facility. Each prison has limitations on classroom space, which affects the number of classes and number of students that can be involved. The basic principles still apply.

Books we have published

All of the following books can be purchased via They can be purchased at a 60% reduced price through the Restoring Broken Walls Prison Ministry

Freedom from Anger
God's Creation of the Family
From Victim to Victory
Setting the Captives Free
God's Creation of Work
Good News of Jesus Christ
God's Creation of the Sexual Union
Restoring Broken Walls
Passing Your Faith
The Power of God's Grace
Relationships--Why Jesus Came
If You Love Me...Obedience Is Life


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