Reciting the Oracle

RTO's primary ministry is to lead Gospel-based Bible studies in jails and prisons. It also provides dramatic recitals of some books of the Bible.

For there is no other foundation that can be laid than that is laid, which is Christ Jesus.

Who We Are

The seeds of the ministry began in 1975 or 1976, and came to fruition unexpectedly in 2005. Reciting the Oracle (RTO) began as a ministry primarily of reciting the Word of God without comment, letting God speak for Himself from His Word. Chris has recited James, 1 John, Jonah, Job 1 & 2, and a condensed version of Romans 1 - 8 (9). Philippians is in process, with Galatians and Hebrews hopefully added in the next few years.

Our Vision

The vision of RTO is to present the Word of God without comment, allowing God to speak directly through His Word rather than through human commentary. Evangelical Bible studies have now become the primary ministry of RTO in the jail/prison venue.

Chris has recently decided to train the the Christian 12 Step Program.

Types Of Activity

RTO recites books of the Bible dramatically (often in costume) and, in the jail/prison venue, leads Bible studies and Gospel presentations. RTO seeks to do no more than this. The translation used is similar to a popular formal translation on the market, but Chris has retranslated as deemed necessary for more literal accuracy and greater impact in an oral setting.


RTO currently ministers every Tuesday evening in the Jennifer Road Detention Center in Annapolis, MD. Chris spends 3 to 6 months with each cell block assigned by the Good News chaplain. Recitals, sharing of the Gospel, and Gospel-based studies occur on all aspects of life. Chris now always ministers in one-on-one mentoring on Monday evenings at the Ordnance Road Correctional Facility in Anne Arundel County, MD.

Our magazine (newsletter)

RTO does not have a current newsletter. The Web site contains promotional videos and photos. Much more used to be posted, but since the recital ministry has dwindled to only 1 or 2 recitals a year, the site is not currently updated.

Books we have published

I would like, one day, to write a book on how the Gospel of Jesus Christ isn't simply about "getting saved," but how it is the cause and sustaining of all reality, that it is the very eternal heart of God, not simply a plan God came up with, how it should be the motivation and director of all our decisions in life, that it is the only revelation and wisdom God has given, that it is the ultimate conforming to the image of Christ, and so on.

About Our Prison Ministry

RTO also seeks to promote the benefits of oral tradition in our textbook culture. But above all, it seeks to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Hilasterion, especially within criminal justice ministry.

Support In

Chris appreciates prayer regarding the direction of RTO. The ministry has become primarily a criminal justice ministry, for which Chris is delighted. About $1500 has been invested in marketing and costumes, not to mention countless hours of memorization and practice; but the recital aspect is almost "dead." Chris seeks prayer regarding God's direction for the recital ministry. Chris is expanding his training and ability through the Christian 12 Step Program at this time.


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