Spirit Light Outreach

Our mission is to share the Light of Christ with prisoners everywhere and to enrich their lives through the distribution of literature, correspondence and speaking engagements inspiring hope, dignity, strength, joy and love.

"Watch ye therefor because you know not when the Master of the house commeth." Who is the master of the House? Your higher Self. Holy Spirit.

Who We Are

We are a ministry dedicated to sharing the Light of Christ with prisoners everywhere. Spirit Light Outreach was founded by Joe Wolfe who spent nine years in prison from 1967-1976. Throughout his life & during his prison time he was gifted with experiences of a Power greater than that which the eyes can see. We have produced a booklet entitled “The Five Signs” which we distribute along with other spiritual literature which contains the message of our Oneness with God.

Our Vision

It is our vision to reach as many prisoners as possible for the greatest good of all. We seek to inspire hope, dignity, strength, joy & love among our brethren even within their physical surroundings. We pray that openness to the Holy Spirit will ignite the faith & grace through which the vision of salvation will be realized. Through sharing our own messages and those of like-minded individuals, we desire to open the prisoner’s minds to another way of life than what they may currently imagine.

Types Of Activity

Publishing and sending A Prisoner's ACIM Handbook, which are 12 separate booklets which include 30 lessons each and commentary by Rev Robert Perry of The Circle of Atonement. The dissemination of spiritual literature, correspondence, speaking engagements and prayer requests.


USA. Sunday Course in Miracles group gathering at The Peace Center in Berwyn between 2:3- and 3:30 pm. 6833 Stanley Berwyn IL 60402

Our magazine (newsletter)

We distribute Jon Mundy’s Miracles Magazine on a bi-monthly basis as well as copies of The Five Signs, also A Prisoners ACIM Handbook.

Books we have published

"Letter To A Prisoner", "The Five Signs". A Prisoner's ACIM Handbook.

About Our Prison Ministry

What would you say to a prisoner? Submit 250 words or less to and your words of inspiration may be included in the next delivery of works to prisoners all over her world, with the best seller/author's The End of Reincarnation by Gary Renard.

Support In

Dear God, thank you for everything you give. Thank you for that golden thread the Holy Spirit linking your gunship to you. Thank you for the tool of true forgiveness that removes all guilt, meaningless unworthiness & fear: for reminding me that I am not this body but spirit in Your likeness, as I live every moment in the knowledge that You are with me always.


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