The Society for Offender Advocacy & Restoration

Individuals with a criminal history have different needs and each eligible member of the SOAR works with our Advocates to develop an individualized plan that may include emergency shelter, transportation, clothing, food, identification, medication, mental/medical care, and a wide range of social service. Members participate in resume building, vocational skills assessments, mock interviews, assisted job searches and our job placement program.

Isaiah 42:7:

To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

Who We Are

The S.O.A.R. Ministry was founded by Dr. Eric L. Jones following his release from prison after serving a number of sentences for various convictions. During his imprisonment, Eric saw and experienced the difference that faith in Jesus Christ makes in people’s lives. He became convinced that the real solution to crime and addiction is found through a relationship with God and spiritual renewal.

Our Vision

Our goal in a nutshell is "Restoration of those men and women who have been impacted by incarceration"

Types Of Activity

The Society for Offender Advocacy & Restoration (SOAR) provides reentry services, including transition assistance,employment counseling, and job placement assistance to incarcerated individuals and post release ex-offenders who are committed to avoiding re-incarceration and becoming established in their community as productive and responsible citizens.



About Our Prison Ministry

Our ministry has recently established the I.S.O.A.R. division to counter the injustices that are fostered by the sex offender registry laws across the country. We assist registrant's with establishing housing and employment.

Support In

Pray for our leadership and volunteers to be given the wisdom and strength needed to meet with the task we have been committed to completing. Pray that funding will be provided for the ministry to grow and deliver the healing and services we seek to provide for theses men and women and their families.


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