The Kingdom of God Ministries

"Giving the New Life & Hope to the needy children and people in Christ Jesus name. Preaching the Gospel and planting churches in India's neglected villages; Aiding/sheltering for the widows and orphans in their distress. Meeting the different people to change them as a perfect Christians in HIS name."

Exodus 33:19 - I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you.

Who We Are

The Kingdom of God Ministries was started and formed to save the lost and for preparing the all kinds of children & people to give the New Life & Hope in Christ Jesus name.

Our Vision

And also we specially take care of the needy children like orphans, destitute, poor children through our Beloved's Children Home and also we give our help to widows, widowers, old-aged people as well as to the poor pastors as Lord sustains us freely.And spreading the Gospel and establishing the Church's at neglected village areas of India.

Types Of Activity

Types of Activities:
1) Beloved's Children Home
2) Mission School
3) Establishing the Gospel of Christ by Starting and Constructing the Churches at neglected areas in India.
4) Jail Evangelism/ Jail Ministry
5) Giving the sheltering to the widows, widowers, old-aged people
6) Film Ministries
7) Bible School
8) Tracks Ministry
9) Helping to the needy children & people
10) Street Evangelism and doing much for in His name.


We minister in Jails and prison of following areas only in India. We visit the following areas:
We used to visit most the state of Andhra Pradesh of South India. And also we used to visit different sub jails and also we spread and tell the word of God by meeting them directly to change them in HIS name. We meet them with the tracks of Gospel of God and also by showing and giving our love in Jesus name.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We print tracks in our native language and nearly we print more than 10,000 tracks and also we are planning to print the magazines only one time in a year due to lack of financial support. We give everything freely.

Books we have published

We published one book that tile is Your Journey and the author is Rev.J.Praveen Kumar B.Sc.,B.Ed., and it has nearly 20 pages and the price is free. Our motive is only to see the great change in the life style of people towards God Jesus. We need to see the great change in all people and we need to see a perfect Christian world in the days to come.

About Our Prison Ministry

It is really a wonderful and powerful ministry and meeting the different people and changing the so many unchangeable lives in Christ name.

Support In

Please Pray for the following needs:
1) Pray that Lord will bless us to feed the 100 widows,widowers,old-aged people and 100 orphans, destitute children and 30 poor pastors.
2)Pray for all the development of this ministry and needs to run successfully until He comes.


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