The Messenger

Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature... John 3:16

Who We Are

The Messenger is a Ministry that travels to each port by Sailboats seizing the world for the Kingdom of God. The Messenger founded by Mickey Wilcox and his desire to see the world know of Jesus
We also have DVD's that are sent into prisons with many teachings and messages geared to the inmate. Mickey Wilcox has traveled the world spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is Author, Producer and Preacher. Contact Mickey today for speaking engagements.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to reach every nation, every tribe, every prison, every person with the Gospel Message.
Keep us in Prayer as we go forth to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ..

Types Of Activity

The Messenger - A Sailboat that will travel to all ports and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. DVD's go into prisons which teach the Word of God to the Inmate..


Prisons all through out USA and Africa will receive teaching and preaching DVD's.


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