Tree of Life Prison Ministry

Proverb 21:11 - Rescue those being lead away to death,hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

Who We Are

Action for Prisoners' Families promotes the just treatment of prisoners' families by the prison system and society across the Pakistan. It encourages the development of, and acts as a voice for, organizations providing support to these families.

Our Vision

Aims: To encourage and promote the development of a nationwide network of support services for prisoners' families; To support the development of existing and potential members in their work with prisoners' families; To be a national voice for prisoners' families and support services, representing their views and directly influencing policy and legislation.

Types Of Activity

Giving advice and information to those developing services for prisoners' families, and to prison and probation staff. Providing training, specialist publications and resource materials for our members. Organizing conferences, seminars and events to address key issues and disseminate good practice.


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