TX Pen Pals Wanted

"TX Pen Pals Wanted" reaching inside the Iron Walls of TDCJ-CID to TX Prisoners who desires to have a true pen-pal/friend.

Psalms 146:7 - The LORD sets the prisoners free.

Who We Are

We are a community of people who believes that everyone including 'TX Prisoners' deserve a right to have a true, sincere friend who cares for them...

Our Vision

Finding pen pals for TX Prisoners around the world on the internet.

Types Of Activity

TX Pen Pals Wanted Yahoo Group mails out birthdays and Christmas cards to all the TX Prisoners on the TX Pen Pals Wanted Web Site. We post updates from the TX Prisoners when they move to another unit, requesting special needs, when they are released from prison and etc... We also at times have a contest for the TX Prisoners to participant in to display their talents in art, poetry, songs and short stories.


We minister to the TX Prisoners by putting their profile on TX Pen Pals Wanted Web Site so others may write to them and through this they [The TX Prisoners] may find a true, sincere friend who really cares for them!

About Our Prison Ministry

A Community of caring people who reaches within to the TX Prisoners that desires a true friend.

Support In

We receive several letters from TX Prisoners who are Christians requesting for Spiritual guidance, prayers, support and Christian Pen Pals. TX Pen Pals Wanted desire to meet the needs of these prisoners so that they may grow deeper in their faith and know that there are true Christians out here who really cares for them. This is one of the most important ministry because our Lord Jesus stated to visit those who are in prison.


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