Together With Jesus

I am a Christian inspirational artist, called to create artworks that bring people closer to Jesus and more connected to the spiritual dimension of their being. To God. My focus is on the incarcerated population who are in need of spiritual support and can benefit by personal inspirational artworks.

Psalms 2:3 - "Let their chains be broken and their cords taken off from us".

Who We Are

I am a Christian inspirational artist. I have been called to provide an inspired drawing of Jesus as an aide for meditation to anyone and everyone who asks for it. Free of charge. I know the picture has a particular power to touch those who view it in a special way.

Our Vision

My vision is to provide the inspirational artworks that I create to people who are incarcerated ... behind bars. I believe it will help them acquire a closer connection with Jesus. I believe it will provide consolation in times of sorrow, spiritual support in times of despair and knowledge to "see" that they are Together with Jesus, always. Why? Because a picture is worth a thousand words! Seeing is believing. I am called to make and provide these pictures. These inspirational artworks.


Florida, USA.


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