Voices of Christ Literary Ministries

Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International offers special opportunities for born again men and women of God to publish their poetry for others to read. We believe that there is a unique voice that pours from the hearts of believers behind bars. We want to hear from you, and share what the Lord has placed in your spirit. This ministry is based out of Metro Atlanta.

Revelations 12:11 And they have overcome (conquered) him by means of the blood of the Lamb and by the utterance of their testimony...

Who We Are

A Christian Literary Ministry dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through creative writing. We also provide a safe and nurturing environment for present day scribes where their gifts can be cultivated in their walk with the Lord.

Our Vision

To bring Jesus to God's people through creative writing.

Types Of Activity

Voices of Christ publishes a print magazine that features author interviews, as well as poetry, spoken word, testimonies of salvation, and other creative writings written by men and women from around the world, including those incarcerated in America's prisons. We also publish the original artwork drawn by inmates that exemplify the word of God as well.


Without Walls launched on August 5, 2004. Our first edition features poetry provided through Cross Roads Ministries International based in South Carolina. The magazine is entitled, Esdras' Scroll.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Esdras' Scroll is published three times a year. A fourth edition may be issued featuring themed poetry.

Books we have published

We have published a number of books through the ministry. In particular, we do have a free book available from the website entitled, Scribal Purpose.



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