York County Prison Chaplaincy

We meet with inmates to evangelize, counsel, and disciple so that men and women and young people can give their lives to Christ and grow in that relationship both inside and outside prison walls and detention center doors.

Galatians 2:20

Who We Are

I have been a chaplain here at York County (PA) Prison since 2019. We have almost 1000 inmates here and I twice weekly visit the Youth Center next door. I have written a devotional book for inmates titled Convicted: 100 Days by Chaplain Paul (my pen name), which is available on amazon.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see inmates at YCP become growing disciples of Christ. This means reaching them with the gospel and helping them learn how to grow their relationship with Christ. We want to work with them while they are in YCP and connect them to churches on the outside. I want to meet these guys on the outside to encourage them in their faith so the ministry is ongoing.

Types Of Activity

Counseling, Bible studies, connecting partners, and a ministry of presence for those who are forgotten by society. I also visit and do Bible studies with the youth housed in the county youth home next door to our prison.


York, PA

Books we have published

Convicted: One Hundred Days. Devotions to Help Physically and Spiritually Incarcerated People by Chaplain Paul. Available on amazon in both hard copy and kindle book.


Support In

Pray for the work of reaching inmates with the gospel, discipling them, and connecting them with useful tools and ministries on the outside. Pray for the work with young people also.


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