Young Evanglical Services

Jam 4:17 - The man who has knowledge of how to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin'.

Who We Are

This ministry was founded in the 1997. Today we have Prison Ministry, 47 Christian schools, 10 computer centers, 78 Churches and 25 sewing centers, women ministry, out door preaching ministry.

Our Vision

Ministry with out vision is useless so, we have a vision to provide the proper shelter in shape of houses and Clothing to the needy people who are living in tents, they do not have houses and other living facilities of a human. There are 45%60% are Christians. We have made visits to various place ad conversation with them.

Types Of Activity

Prison Ministry, School Ministry, computer centers, Church planting, sewing centers, libraries, cassette ministry, literature ministry, recording center, printing press, women ministry, out door preaching.


Our ministry is involved to spread the Gospel among the Child prisons and various jails.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Monthly one magazine, consist on 45 pages, freely printing and freely distribution.

Books we have published

1. ''History of St. Thomas'' Pages 100, Price $1.99.
2. ''Kalmtullah Key Taleem'' 130 Pages, Price $3.99.
3. ''Saleeb kay Alambdar'' 85 Pages, Price $2.99.

Support In

Film projectors, printing press machine, computers, CD's copier machine, shelter for those people living with out houses.


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