Breaking Chains Ministry

The love of God is here, its plentiful and must be shared. I will do all I can to make this happen.

2 Samuel 22 - The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer.

Who We Are

We are a young ministry, filled with hope and understanding. The furure of the ministry has the aim of shairing the word of God with as many soles as we can. lifting them to the highest of their potential.

Our Vision

The main vision of the ministry is to reach out to those who who need to understand the word of god, and to help them live a godly life with all the forgiveness and blessings God will offer.

Types Of Activity

The ministry reaches out one on one with people in the chains of their own making.


Macomb county jail / Macomb Correctional Facility

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About Our Prison Ministry

Breaking Chains Ministry, with the help and blessing of the Lord our God. Strives to find perfection in its teaching and beliefs.
Saving soles and making a better world to please the lord.


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