God's News Outreach Ministry

The ministry is desgined to help inmate find their purpose in Christ, also teach them the word of God and to let them know their is hope and life in Jesus Christ.

Ps. 37 : 4 - Delight thyself also in the Lord and he will you the desires of your heart.

Who We Are

This Ministry was inspired by the Holy Spirt, I began this Ministry in 2003, writing Bible Studies, Inspirational Writing and sinners prayer. I began this Ministry with a ink pen, pencil, paper, ruler and a Bible. Now the Lord has blessed me with a Computure, and other items needed to make this possible to reach the inmates around the United States.

Our Vision

I see this Ministry growing beyound the minds that man can not recieve. I had avision that God was going to take me as far as the Holy spirt can go. So I believe this Ministry is going to help millions of men and women that are in prison and in the free world.

Types Of Activity

Bible Studies with cerificates on completions.


I minister in Florida, Alabama, Lousianna, Mississippi.

Our magazine (newsletter)

I write newsletters for the inmates to see and share with each other how God has blessed them. Tell the goodness of God.

About Our Prison Ministry

My heart is concerned about the lost men and women in jail or prison, my concern is to reach them and teach them about the word of God, that they life become a living vessels in Jesus Christ. I want to help them realize this is not the stop, this is just the beganning to new doors opening in their lives.

Support In

The Lord bless this ministry with donation, and material to help teach God's people. I would like to travel more to teach in Jails and Prison across the United States


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