Helping Hands of Love Ministries

We are a ministry that teaches the word to the prisoners and the families. we teach the celebrate recovery program to the addictive. We do marriage seminars in and out of prisons.

John 3-16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his son that whoever believes in Him will no perish but have life everlasting.

Who We Are

We are a ministry that reaches to the prison and prison families. we seen news letters to 100 prisons in Texas. We have a program that teaches recovery to the addictive. We are wanting to open a home for the men and women which have no place to go. The abused and neglected alike. We have helped over 500 men and women in the last 25 years and only 10 have returned to prison. Have put 25 in churches around Texas and other states as ministers of the gospel and built 10 ministries around the USA.

Our Vision

To send out to the outreach and preach the word to the lost and dead world. To build a home for the homeless the abused, the prisoner and to be able to be self supportive in the ministry. Our goal a half way home a home for fatherless children.

Types Of Activity

Crusades, revivals to go into the churches and train about outreach and prison ministries.


Jails prisons of Texas.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Newsletter 2 pages to 100 prisons in Texas and OK and FL.

Support In

We are in need of a home for the halfway home a building for clothing and food pantry. A truck for the outreach to go outland help others in need from destruction and elderly working on their homes that need help on. This is a way of giving back to what we may have done to go to prison for.


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