Love for Prisoners

Taking care for prisoners and caring for ex-offender is our duty.

Nehemiah 8:10 - The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Who We Are

I was involved in prison ministry since a decade now and God helped many lives using me as his vessel.

Our Vision

1. Reaching prisoners with the Gospel of Jesus.
2. Building chaplaincies in every prison of the country for the prisoners to have access to the gospel.
3. Caring for ex-offender by integrating them in the society after prison.
4. Teaching and training prisoners to fight against and protect themselves against HIV/AIDS.
5. Giving good health to prisoners.

Types Of Activity

We collect clothes and soap from good people and organizations and bring them to them. Organize weekly meetings in different prisons of the country.


We minister in the main prison and other prisons in the countryside as well.

Support In

Pray for our prisoners as many are being victims of no respect of human being's rights.


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