Love to Cook Ministry

Exodus 14:14 - the Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.

Who We Are

I am a high school senior interested in passionately serving Christ. In all I do. I want to bring some joy to jails
And prisons just as Christ would have. I go on mission trips often and returned from Africa where I went for a month. I want to be a missionary and am a chaplain for my choir.

Our Vision

To bring some joy to people who have no current joy to show others the love of Christ and maybe even teach people about the wonderful God we serve.

Types Of Activity

I cook and love to speak to crowds


Swaziland, Africa and Rwanda, Africa.

About Our Prison Ministry

I want to serve God. And I feel called to serve in prisons.

Support In

My brothers drug addiction, my senior year and my walk with Christ.


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