Oasis of Life Outreach

By the grace of God we have recorded a remarkable success in the areas of ministering to, releasing, and rehabilitation of the inmates when they are released. We engage them in Various programs designed to help them live a comfortable live when they have graduated from our rehabilitation centers

Philp. 4 v 13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.

Who We Are

We a an independent prison ministry based in California, we felt the call of God to reach out to the prisoners, juvenile delinquents,and youths at risk. The outreach was foundered by the help of God thought our Chaplain, who had experienced what we call the other side of life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to release as much prisoner for Christ, educating them, feeding, clothing, accommodating, rehabilitating, establishing them in one trade or the other, bringing out the God in them so they can fulfill God's purpose on earth.

Types Of Activity

Counseling, educating, feeding, clothing, accommodating, financing and rehabilitating.


We minister in prisons, jails, reformatory home for juvenile delinquents across united states.

Support In

We need friends who will finance us,in building our sanatorium so we can accommodate more inmates,and rehabilitate them. Our needs are: Bibles, Christian Books, patrons, partners and friends that will finance our projects.


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