Prison Evangelism Ministry

We to consider also those in great need, we started and that we do prison evangelism ministry.

Matthew 25 .36 - I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.

Who We Are

We are located in Uganda. We started in 2004 after God told me first personal I went on asking God to give me a clear way how to start. I invested my Life in training others about the true character of the Lords servant not only that every Christian has to know many thing s because being a Christian is about Christ likeness, with this kind of motto what would Jesus do today many pastors, ministers of the gospels Joined me in prison Evangelism ministry.

Our Vision

To create a good strong, Biblical Christian life that not only look on to care about themselves but also to look beyond that for the sake of others in prisons very needy fiscally and spiritual.

Types Of Activity

We are now added on our ministry the HIV and AIDS training program for many suffer in these prison because of ignorance. We work hard to see how we can give them hand books about Christ medicines clothes and above all the living encouraging word of God. We will be add on as God provides funds training for them out of prison to see how we can create for them the way to start life after prison


We are here in Uganda ministering in prisons of following districts: Mityana, Kampala, Mubende, but our target is East Africa.

About Our Prison Ministry

It is important for all Christians to know that God has a purpose for you being saved, and any work you do God will reward you because you have give in what the Lord intends you to do.

Support In

Pray that god may help us for their are many brothers in prisons left their children their helpless needy they need school fees, and we need a van for the ministry work.


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