Returning into Mainstream Ministries, Inc.

I worked for the Department of Probation/Parole in Milwaukee,WI for 10 years and served as a booking clerk at a county jail for 9 1/2 years and by faith and donations open a transitional home for reentry/ex-offender females who were homeless. I currently serve as a volunteer Chaplain in the State/Federal institutions and Founder/CEO of Returning into Mainstream Ministries, Inc.

Pslam 23 - The Lord is my Sheppard and I shall not want.

Who We Are

RIMM, Inc is a faith based outreach ministry that serves female reentry/ex-offenders with a history of AODA/Mental, AIDS/HIV, at risk, pregnant, Brain Trauma Injury, LGBT clients, grief/bereavement services who are homeless due to a period of incarceration.

Our Vision

Our vision is provide resources, referrals, restoration to females who are incarcerated and provide supportive means to children of incarcerated females. To visit, work-ship, create workshops within the jail/prison settings to share the Love of the Lord.

Types Of Activity

Mother's Day Resource Fair. Plant it Not Dig it Later(Community family reunification garden). New 2 me (free clothing closet for Federal/State probation clients). Mothers of Felons support circle. Bereavement/Grief services for incarcerated individuals. Daughters Keepers a intro to sports for young girls who parent(s) are incarcerated.


Wisconsin, Illinois, Louisiana.

Support In

Funding for our transitional home Ruth's House /Naomi's Family Respite Home. Volunteers and individuals in all over the world who are interested in opening a transitional home or respite home with the vision and mission of Returning into Mainstream Ministries, Inc. Finances become available to obtain a Federal Status 501c(3) and Reentry Cares program in all 50 states.


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