Shekinah Christian Ministries

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

Our ministry was established 22 years ago as an offshoot of a local Businessmen's Christian Fellowship, in Longmont, CO.
We have since grown to a statewide network of 160 volunteers serving at 25 county, state and federal penal institutions to transform the hearts and minds of inmates -- youth, women and men. We also minister weekly to 13 Northern Colorado nursing homes.

We are non-denominational and work hand-in-hand with some 20 churches and related ministries.

Our Vision

Working with local police and judges to identify at-risk juveniles and to mentor them in the ways of God. Gang Outreach. Using former gang leaders, this program reaches gang members where they live -- the city streets. Restoration Homes. Primarily conducted through Emmanuel Houses of Denver, which provide Christian homes for just-released felons.

Types Of Activity

Monthly visitations to prisons. We also plan over 30 two-and-three day seminars to prisons in 2001 (we held 18 last year). These popular events are a combination of joint praise-and-worship, and teaching. Many prisons now have in-house churches; and we see ourselves as evangelists and senior pastors to those churches. Weekly church services at the 13 nursing homes. Some one-on-one counseling. Gang outreach is sporadic, with group meetings in parks or public facilities.


Colorado Pueblo and Canon City regions; Denver area jails; Golden Youth Facility; Weld County Youth Detention Center; Boulder County Jail; Larimer County Jail; Delta State Prison; Florence Federal Penitentiary; Lamar State Penitentiary.

Support In

We are self-supported by over 600 volunteers, churches and businesses. We receive no more than $3,000 annually from any one source. Our board and our volunteers want to expand greatly into a more proactive program for after-care; but find it difficult to raise money for this endeavor.


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