The Leah Foundation

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

The Leah Foundation/Est 2006/Founder/Director...Dr. Rev Lynanda.
Our Mission...Bring Dignity/Hope to Men/Women/Children in Prison
Through Healthcare/Education/Access to Justice/Community Reintegration.
Restore Dignity of Those We Serve by Providing…Humane Conditions/Services.
Help Them to Regain…Their Humanity.

Our Vision

America is A Nation in Transition/Its Problems are Magnified within Its…Prison Systems.
The Most Vulnerable are Often...The Most Victimised
There has Recently been Positive Steps Taken…Globally/Regionally
Child Imprisonment/Solitary Confinment/Death Penelty Remains...Major Issues in America.

Types Of Activity

We Correspond with Inmates/Meaningful Relationships Reduce...Violent Behavior
Learning New Coping Skills/Allows Choices for Inmates with Limited Means to...Express Anger.
We Provide Opportunities for The Inmate to Share Their Feelings by Providing Avenues for Expression.


Prisons in America are Places for…Positive Transformation
The LEAH Foundation is A Group of People Passionately Committed to
Improving Access to Healthcare/Education/Justice/Community Reintegration for…Prisoners in America.
We Provide Innovative Services
Work to Change The Attitudes of...The Societies

Our magazine (newsletter)

The Leah Letters...A Monthy Letter of Love/Enlightenment/Health/Based in Self Care.

About Our Prison Ministry

Entering Prison doesn’t Mean…Losing Hope.
Depravation of Freedom needn't Mean…Deprivation of Humanity.

Support In

We need People to Assist in..Training Facilitators.
We need Housing for Visiting Facilitators/Coaches.
We need Access to Resouces/Enabling Us to Continue Teaching Inmates
The Tools/Skills for Self Healing/Integration...Reducing Health Care Cost.


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