AngelCare Ministry Outreach

AngelCare Ministry Outreach is a referral database service reaching out to people in need. We are here to relieve already stressed lives by taking away the stress of searching for help in crisis. We are located in the Tulsa, OK area. We do not just hand out a list. We make the journey with those we serve.

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new".

Who We Are

We are a ministry which matches clients with needed resources to better their lives. We share the love of Christ outdoors, in the community as well as indoors. Each person is matched with resources that best meet immediate needs during crisis. We are looking at working with many outreaches to meet various needs not limited to the community we live in.

Our Vision

We serve many who have come from various backgrounds and are suffering from poverty, addictions, and abuses. Many we have been working with are ex-inmates looking for help in starting over. Our goal is to help them reach their goals according to God's make the complete journey with each person served and work with many resources offering help to change lives and produce productive citizens.

Types Of Activity

We will be working with Extreme Worship and Outreach Center and others in the near future. We currently communicate through this forum, FaceBook, and on the streets among the people. We are building daily with available resources. Our database is being set up to match the best resource for the individual. There is much work still to be done.


Our Ministry Development has been involved with Prison Invasion Ministries, Inc. and other outreaches for a little over fifteen years and we continue to reach out where we can serve and share God's love with all. This ministry currently operates mostly in Oklahoma. Another part of our growing ministry is prayer requests. This is very rewarding.

Books we have published

Rose Petal Whispers-Are You Listening? has been e-published on several e-book sites. It is a true story of a family who overcame many serious obstacles. It was written as encouragement for Christians who are still held back by the victim mentality learned as abuse victims. It promises to open hearts and break chains. Now available on Amazon/Kindle; Barnes and Noble/Nook, IPad and others.

About Our Prison Ministry

It is our fervent desire to reach out to anyone in need and to help them find the help they need to help themselves out of bondage. Many are bound by addiction, poverty, abuse, sickness or age. We want to take the stress out of finding help and show them the unconditional love of Christ through our services. There is so much God wants to do for his children and we want to teach them that they do not have to stay in the circumstances that have brought us to them.

Support In

Pray that we are a living testimony of the unconditional love of Christ. We need dedicated people to join our team in the building process and in the future of providing God's unconditional love to those who feel unloved, unwanted, and forsaken.


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