Angel Food Blessings

To help organize small prayer cell groups within the units, facilitated by a Christian inmates who will be mentored by a mature Christian. To provide good teaching tools as videos and tapes when possible.

Psalms 142:7 - Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise Thy name: the righteous shall compass me about; for Thou shalt deal bountifully with me.

Who We Are

The purpose of my ministry to is to "Send Forth God's Word Through Writing." However, I have been in a prison ministry in the past and carry God's Word to the prisons, jails, youth detention centers, and women's shelters. Most of my publications are currently on my web site. However, I have one published book called Angel Food (Spiritual Recipes to Share). It presents the plan of salvation and filling of the Holy Spirit in a simple way that I received.

Our Vision

My goal is to share with inmates HOW to have a personal relationship with hear from God for themselves.

Types Of Activity

Cell Groups within each unit. Led by Christian inmates and trained by a mature Christian.


I ministered in the Hondo, Texas area for over 3 years. Am presently only writing to and praying for inmates.

Books we have published

Angel Food (Spiritual Recipes to Share) Served by: Gwen Watkins 61 pages, price varies, can be ordered over internet or from my web site. Distributed by Publish America, Barnes and Noble, Lakewood Church in Houston and various other places. Many have gone to others countries via missionary friends and many have been donated as needed. Although I am not currently able to donate on a full scale at this time. They were approved at one time for the prison in Huntsville, Texas.

About Our Prison Ministry

Small ministry but desire to serve as our Lord opens doors, leads, and directs. My ministry is not affiliated with any of the names you have listed below but I have worked with the Therapon group and received certificates for Christian Counseling with them. It was under their name that I was able to teach Belief Therapy in the Ney Unit in Hondo for 2 years.

Support In

That I may see clearly how, when, and where our Lord wants me to minister at this time. Please pray for the men at the Federal Detention Center in Oakdale, Louisiana. For the Bible Study in their Camp. Also for young friend Larry at Lockhart W/F in Lockhard, Texas, for Units in Hondo and the chapel they are trying to build. For our justice system that the innocent will be set free and the guilty restored.


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