Agape Love Corner

Agape Love Corner is an organization designed to instill integrity and character through Christ in the lives of men and women who are incarcerated or victims of substance abuse.

Ezekiel 34:16: "To seek those who are lost, to bring back those who are driven away, to bind up those who are broken, and to strengthen those who are sick."

Who We Are

Agape Love Corner was founded in 2000, and has continued to strive for excellence in becoming a safe haven for America's young men and women, providing a Christ - centered ministry. The mission of Agape Love Corner comes from the book of Ezekiel chapter 34 verse 16 the terms of verse 16 indicate a spiritual ministry. We have many programs designed to instill integrity and character through Christ in the lives of men and women. We assist those who come to Agape Love Corner in many areas:

Our Vision

Agape Love Corner’s vision is to have several locations throughout the state of Illinois, with plans to cross over into other states in pursuit of future challenges.

Agape Love Corner’s mission is to enhance the lives of individuals who were incarcerated or dealing with a substance abuse problem by providing counseling services and supports that enable them to live, work, learn and participate in their communities.

Types Of Activity

(1). Spiritual Counseling
(2). Employment assistance
(3). Transitional Housing
(4). Clothing Assistance
(5). Education Assistance

About Our Prison Ministry

Agape Love Corner helps men and women who are struggling in their social and family environments. These struggles are usually due to dysfunctional behavior such as depression, drug or alcohol abuse, antisocial behavior, family conflicts, opposition/defiance, anger management, victim of physical abuse, or legal conflicts. Enrollment will be on a voluntary basis and will be open to anyone regardless of race, color, or religion.

Support In

Financial Provision to help us meet the needs of those who need us.


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