Big House Ministry

Our ministry is an introduction to Jesus and the Bible for men in prison or jail. Especially for those that have missed out on church and are curious or interested in finding the truth.

Romans 3: - 23-26 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ.

Who We Are

We offer inmates a view in a 240 page 23 chapter offering that goes over the life and time of Jesus, His disciples and the founding of the early Christian church. Written for men that have no church experience at all.

Our Vision

We have seen many men come to the Lord in our early meaged efforts, their stories are included in each chapter, gang bangers, robbers, thief and some real nice guys, they all have one thing in common, God l;oves them as much as you and me.

Types Of Activity

Active Bible study, non traditional specific for men of little or no knowledge of the Bible.


San Quentin, Soledad and Tracy reception are the initial target prisons.

Books we have published

"Beyond Shadow of Doubt" available September eBook, Amazon and Barnes and Nobel, October in print.

About Our Prison Ministry

Our goal is to make this book available at no cost to any prisoner that asks for one. A handed through the bars ministry. If we can place in ion an inmates hand or you can, it's free otherwise 16.95 book, 11.00 ebook.

Support In

to resource a sustainable revenue to produce these books. This is a 24 chapter book and concentrates in Luke, Acts and Romans. Very through and invitational to Jesus Christ as savior.


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