Called by God Not by Man Ministry

'Called by God not by man' prison ministry was initiated and established to bring hope to those in darkness, to Preach the Word and do the Will of Jesus.

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish But have everlasting life.

Who We Are

'Called by God not by man' Ministry works in conjunction with New Vision Organization, Inc. to assure the spiritual and emotional needs of all the incarcerated and soon to be released men, women and youth are met.

Our Vision

CBGNBM has a vision to preach the Word to the lost and forgotten children of God and to do the Deeds of Jesus Christ in order to assure our brethren that they are loved and prayed for and that in unity we will be there for them upon release from prison as well as while they continue to be incarcerated.

Types Of Activity

Support groups, prayers, visits to the prisons, family support, interpretations.


We minister to jails and prisons throughout Massachusetts and New York. We also provide Christian and therapeutic letters to prisoners outside of the Massachusetts and NY area.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Our upcoming newsletter, "Coming Soon" will provide prisoners and/or their family members to be heard. They will be able to write in to the publisher/Editor and request their article be included in the national prison ministry newsletter.

About Our Prison Ministry

Called by God not by man Ministry welcomes new recruits who have a desire to write to prisoners and to not only share the Word, but also to provide spiritual and emotional support to the lost and forgotten. We seek donations of Bibles, tracs and any other Christian literature that can be sent to the prisoners and/or their families.

Support In

'Called by God Not by Man' ministry asks that everyone please keep this ministry in prayer that we may receive the necessary donations to cover the mailing of our letters and donated materials.


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