Christine's Felony Recovery Services

People helping people who cannot help themselves because of the label society has put on us. Even after our time has been served we still have to live in communities where we are not all ways accepted into. My mission is to make life possible and positive for all aspects of life as it is today coming from a rehabilitated felon.

Philippians 4: 13 - I (we) can do all things through Christ that strengthens me (us).

Who We Are

I am a believer whom believes that Jesus was raised from the dead for your sins and mine. I am a ex felon seeking and finding a better and different way to approach the public that gets results. Seeking assistance from Businesses, Home Owners, Landlords and Management Teams to make this all possible.

Our Vision

Assist individuals like myself to stay out of prison, and off the streets. From becoming homeless unemployed or under employed, and from returning to prison. Attempting to stop the revolving door from opening over and over again. Networking with companies and individuals that will go the extra mile, so that 1 day soon your assistance and mine will help lighten the load of a felon's constant search for freedom and acceptance back into society after time has been served. Acceptance is the key.

Types Of Activity

I am a liaison for the public, I communicate with employers, apartments , realtor' s, attorneys seeking lawyers that will help pro bono to assist felons in all legal aspects. I assist with resumes, cover letters, faxing, all communications, I provide help with transitional home placement, I network with varies organizations and businesses for clothing, haircuts, counseling, and paralegal services.


On the telephone, face to face, emails and networking. In Pierce and King County

About Our Prison Ministry

I just want to help people from all walks of life come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and live for normalcy in life..

Support In

My family, for all my children to be saved, for my own trials I'm facing, for Gods mercy on all of us who seek his face, for my pastor and wife. For strength and good health and prosperity, my finances to increase to help God's people that are in or out of prison.


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